At Young Aspiring Minds we have a successful track record of academic success, including GCSEs, SATs, 11+, Grammar and Independent School exams/interviews.

Here are views of some people who've actually used our service


  Mrs Hunte-St.Rose is an amazing teacher! She has helped my daughter harness her strengths and reach her full potential. She made such a significant mark on my daughter’s life that, to this date, she is one of my daughter's favourite teachers ever. She makes the lessons fun and all her pupils are so ingrained with an excellent standard of Creative Writing and English. The foundation she sets for all her pupils is second to none. There are not many teachers like her on earth! 
Grace, Year 5 Parent

 Mrs Hunte-St.Rose has gone beyond conventional teaching to provide a level of care which  encompasses more than just the academic, but also the emotional needs of the child, which even helps build the entire family.
I can confidently say it’s money well spent, as my daughter has remained top in her class and my son has developed excellent skills, perfectly honed to match his learning style. 

Rotimi, Year 2 Parent

 Sophia's teaching has been invaluable in helping my child develop his English writing skills, as well as his understanding of English vocabulary and grammar. Her teaching has cemented his learning both  at school  and in her sessions and, as a result, he has become a lot more confident.  He  thoroughly enjoys the classes and is always eager to attend the sessions. I have no doubt that her teaching style and techniques will continue to help many children. 
Fola, Year 5 Parent

 Mrs Hunte-St.Rose is a special, gifted teacher. She has been a guardian angel to my son throughout the years we have been with her. She was my son’s teacher in year 2 and currently still my son's special and best teacher. Since we relocated, we have kept contact with Mrs Hunte-St.Rose who continues to encourage my son to be a great student. My son is always excited to talk to her and tell her about his progress reports and his honoural academy awards for an overall student this year. She takes special interest in a child’s learning and helps in nurturing and encouraging my son to reach his full potential to do more with his gifted abilities. We encourage you all mums to sign up with her education program. She is a highly qualified teacher with vast knowledge in education, highly skilled and experienced in her field of study.  
Abiola, Year 4 Parent

 I highly recommend Mrs Hunte-St.Rose as the English teacher who will transform your child's life. My older son in year 5 has, within a space of 3 months, moved from 'requiring improvement' in his English grammar and writing to being one of the best and getting one of his 'write ups' selected for publication. His maths has always been strong and he has consistently been the best in maths in his class but now I can confidently say that his English has caught up and he's certainly an all round student. His teachers marvel at the content of his writing, and often speak about his remarkable improvement. I say it's all down to the magic of Mrs Hunte-St.Rose. 
Milly, Year 5 Parent

 My younger son had never looked forward to school or any extra lesson arranged to supplement his education until he met Mrs Hunte-St.Rose. He literally cried every morning before school and said he wasn't a smart boy. He hated school! It really broke my heart and I was desperate to instill some confidence in him, however it was true that he wasn't academically inclined and performed abysmally compared to his peers. Today the story is different. Seeing him pack his bag without being told to and getting ready for a lesson with Mrs Hunte-St.Rose brings me so much joy. In his own words " ... I'm really good at English, it is my strongest subject". Shocking right? He has gained so much confidence and in the last three months getting him to do home work or go to school has never been a struggle. He loves his teacher Mrs Hunte-St.Rose and always looks forward to meeting up to tell her about his day and achievements. Now, my J loves an academic challenge and although I stare at him in disbelief sometimes my heart is glad and I'm grateful for what Mrs Hunte-St.Rose has achieved with him. Who would have thought...  
Milly, Year 3 Parent