11 Plus Training & Preparation

The foundation of excellent performance at the 11 plus exams is skill, knowledge and understanding. At Young Aspiring Minds we focus on providing students with these essential tools to help ensure success at these daunting exams.

Our impressive success rate and brilliant track record is based upon our passion and focus on building students’ confidence and equipping them with the essential skills to excel under pressure.

We offer bespoke training, specifically tailored to the individual with the explicit goal of 11 plus success. This, combined with small group sessions, and detailed practice under exam conditions help ensure that Young Aspiring Minds consistently produces excellent students capable of long term success at the 11 plus exams and beyond.

English, Maths & Verbal Reasoning training are all equally embraced, with teaching experience and  expertise unrivalled in the region. With many years preparing varied-ability students, you can be confident we have the experience and qualifications to propel your child to 11 plus accomplishment for both Grammar and Independent Schools.

We cater to the Essex Consortium and Kent exams, and also offer bespoke training for 13+, and other school-specific exams. Our training is holistic in nature, and encompasses interview preparation and techniques, often essential for Independent School entry.

It’s worth noting that simple 11+ practice and rote learning, whilst important, is usually insufficient for long term success. It’s not uncommon that children who may have performed well at the 11 plus exam have sometimes struggled to shine and maintain the levels required at fast-paced, demanding secondary schools. At Young Aspiring Minds we equip our students with more than just an ability to pass an exam. We provide an holistic foundation based on essential life skills, confidence and a passion for learning which propels children to continue to excel well into young adulthood. Learning doesn’t stop at the 11 plus exam. At Young Aspiring Minds, we have a brilliant track record which builds a foundation for successful A-Level and University achievement.